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July 26, 2023
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July 05, 2022

As we are now moving into the summer months, we would like to provide a community update on some things that are happening in our community. We will continue to provide similar updates as we have been doing since the mine closure to hopefully keep our residents informed.

Health Care: We continue to be concerned with the proposed Health Accord which is recommending cuts to the 3 hospitals on the Burin Peninsula. As well, with the loss of one of our two doctors at US Memorial, we have concerns about the level of care available at our hospital. The town manager and council have be in contact with Eastern Health and continue to make them aware of our concerns and the need for a greater effort in recruitment to get additional physicians and service to our hospital. Recent responses have been vague so this week we have pushed for a more detailed response as to their efforts to bring another doctor to our community.

Mine: The process of dealing with the potential sale of this resource is continuing. This process was delayed somewhat with the request by potential buyers to have a document known as a 43-101 (Assessment of the amount of ore available to be mined). We understand this has now been completed and potential buyers have until July 22nd to submit their bids and the receivers have until September 2nd for a new owner to be put in place. We understand that the WEPP for displaced workers has now been completed through the courts and workers are beginning to receive their funds. We remain cautiously optimistic about the outcome.

St. Lawrence Pool - Throughout the year we have been doing our utmost to attain a lifeguard for our local swimming pool. Our efforts have included advertising for a qualified lifeguard, working with someone locally who was interested in attaining the necessary lifeguard qualifications, increasing the proposed pay scale for this position, having discussions with the YMCA for lifeguard availability and offering travel grants for anyone travelling from outside the community. Unfortunately to no avail and without a life guard on site, we have had to make the difficult decision to not open the local swimming pool for this summer. The council and town employees have tried every possible solution to not allow this to happen for the benefit of the children in our community but at this point we have run out of options and have to shut the pool. We thank you for understanding our dilemma and be assured we will continue to look for potential lifeguards who are willing to participate in the training so we can reopen in 2023.

Seniors Of Distinction: Finally, some good news. We are pleased to announce that Mr. George Doyle has been awarded, posthumously, a Newfoundland and Labrador Senior of Distinction Award for 2022. The awards recognize and celebrate the contributions, achievements and diversity of NL older adults. George is being recognized for his commitment and service to the Town of St. Lawrence. Nominations were submitted by the Town of St. Lawrence and the award will be presented to his family in Deer Lake on September 16th.

Fire Department: More good news to announce. The Town has been successful in attaining funding through the provincial government, to replace the Department's aging Rescue Vehicle. This funding, in the amount of $100 000, was made available through the efforts of the Town of St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence Fire Department and the local MHA Paul Pike and we thank them for their efforts in providing this addition to the St. Lawrence Volunteer Fire Department. We hope to see the arrival of this vehicle within the next week

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