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Welcome to St. Lawrence, long known as the “Soccer Capital of Canada” and home to one of the highest grade fluorspar deposits in the world. Located on the southern part of the Burin Peninsula, St. Lawrence has a history steeped in mining and fishing but with many amenities to make you stay once you visit or return home. Our school, churches, sports and recreation venues, fire department, and senior’s facilities are accessible and well maintained and our volunteers are always there to help. The US Memorial Health Center is a modern facility which serves both the long term care and medical needs of St. Lawrence and our surrounding communities. We are a community where children can walk safely to school or to a friend’s house. We come together in times of celebrations of life whether it is the birth of a child, a celebration of a birthday or a wedding, saying good-bye to friends who are moving or the death of a loved one. St. Lawrence is a place where strangers become friends and that friendship lasts a lifetime.

If you are looking for things to do, St. Lawrence boasts two amazing hiking trails. Whether you decide to hike the Cape Chapeau Rouge trail and go to the top or take in the historic Chamber Cove trail to the site of the tragic loss of the USS Truxtun and the USS Pollux in 1942, you will be entranced by both the scenery and the history of these landmarks. A trip to picturesque Shoal Cove beach will provide an amazing sandy beach area for a BBQ, family beach day, a campfire or a place to relax in the sun. A visit to the local Miner’s Museum provides both residents and visitors alike with a history of the town, as well as an opportunity to see some quality jewelry crafted by employees of Island Rock Jewelry & Crafts, constructed from locally mined fluorspar. Canada Fluorspar Inc. currently ship fluorspar to markets worldwide. St. Lawrence Academy, the St. Lawrence Soccer Association, RCSCC 269 Endeavour Cadet Corps and the Community Youth Network provide our town’s youth with a variety of activities, sporting events and places to gather and socialize.

The local fish plant operated by Ocean Choice International Ltd. (OCI) and the local fishery provide St. Lawrence and nearby areas with employment. These successful industries contribute to the economy of our Town.

What you will find in our town is “Community Spirit”. The town hosts many events throughout the year from the annual Mardi Gras, July 1st celebrations, Annual Tree Lighting, Fireman’s Ball, St. Lawrence Day, the Lion’s Club Santa Claus parade and many other events too numerous to mention. All of these events are not possible without the volunteer efforts and spirit of our residents. It is these residents who are the lifeblood of our community and if you are planning to visit us for the first time, you will find that our town is truly a place where you can come to grow your family, your business and build a future.

Kevin J. Pittman


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