Miner's Museum & Mining History

A visit to the St. Lawrence Miner's Memorial Museum will showcase the harsh realities of a miner's life.  It's gift shop displays jewelry items from local cut polished fluorspar crafted by members of the Three-L Training Board.


Located on the main entrance into St. Lawrence adjacent to the community cemetery one will locate the Miners' Museum.  The location becomes very fitting after a tour through the museum retells a story of hard workingmen who literally worked themselves into a early grave.


As one moves throughout the building images of those who worked at the mine comes back to life: what they wore, what equipment they worked with, and the conditions that were endured in order to provide for one's family.


Upon leaving one cannot help but feel for those who are now remembered only by the tombstones that are reflected in the windows of the Miners Museum.


The Town of St. Lawrence is home to Newfoundland's first Fluorspar Mine.  The Black Duck Mine - by Norman Wilson

Museum Association of Newfoundland & Labrador

The Historical Origins of an Industrial Disaster: Occupational Health and Labour Relations at the Fluorspar Mines, St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, 1933-1945 by Rick Rennie